Our team speak English, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Czech, German and many other languages. You have all languages in one outsourced team.

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Our services –

  • we build a highly relevant data set based on the buyer persona. We have our own system which helps us generate a long base of companies in Europe.
  • telemarketing B2B services in Europe,
  • setting up B2B appointments in Europe,
  • Business Development,
  • Translation Services. ( English, Spanish, Italian, Polish, German, French, Russian and others).
  • Lead Generation in Europe.

Every moment of company growth is an attempt to maintain balance. To hire or to look for the next customers. Every product and service nowadays must have a good service. Customers are used to calling or emailing, asking and getting a quick answer.

If you don’t have the right team and don’t respond to emails or phone calls, you are simply losing out on the market.

If you say at that moment you are too small to employ outsourcing then I suppose you might be wrong.  The cost of call centre outsourcing is less than you think. We do service only for small companies

Advantages of outsourcing customer support.

It Is Less Expensive (compared to infrastructure costs, equipment purchases, office rent,  facility maintenance, technology investment and hiring and training customer service agents).

In accounting, we are a total expense.

Quick access to Expert Support ( our team is well-trained support staff and can handle customer needs. Our team is trained in customer relationships and sales.


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Time has a decisive role when conquering European markets. Today, innovations, new products and services must be introduced professionally and very quickly to the market. Today competitive advantage is how quickly you can implement your idea. Otherwise, it may turn out that it is already too late – someone else has overtaken you or signed a contract… And your vision will stay only an idea.
Hire a Business Development Outsourcing if you don’t have an idea or the time to develop B2B products in European markets.
We’ll help you save time and be where you want to be quick. #b2b #markets #help #rxsell #sellap