Who are we?

Based out of Poland, Sellap is a marketing company that deals in marketing, translation, B2B outsourcing, market expansion, B2B sales management, sales training and sales agent hiring. We do it all, alongside our sub-company Rxsell.

We have a multi-lingual, experienced team who has years of experience in marketing and market expansion - which ensures that your product can get off on the right foot and expand your product.

Whether just starting up, start-up or corporation, or looking to make the next move into another country or market - Sellap work for and with YOU to ensure your product and company gets the marketing and sales department it deserves.

Our team speaks a high level of English, German, Polish, Czech, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Ukrainian, French and Dutch

telemarketing over the world

Our previous and current customers

MotorwayBuddy - Crunchbase Company Profile & Funding


Motorwaybuddy is a British app for HGV and truck drivers. Motorwaybuddy aims to make a complete map of all truck stops and facilities, to ensure that one is never out of reach and to help speed up route planning. They work to provide a map of crime and dangerous truck stops to help curb HGV crime.

We helped Motorwaybuddy with the translation of websites and marketing equipment.

Polish Online School "Polonijka"

Polonijka is an online school for 5-15-year-old Polish children living abroad. Access to internet materials and learning to keep a high standard of learning even while living abroad.

We helped market the app and software of Polonijka, with both online and offline marketing, including activities to help showcase the brand and possibility of the company on the British market.

NomadPower Shop - Buy e-truck pedestals in Europe.

Nomad Power

NomadPower is a Dutch company specialising in electric and eco-friendly solutions to truck power generation and freight cooling - replacing traditional diesel generators. NomadPower uses 100% green power to help save the environment and provide a better sleeping and charging experience for drivers.

We are the business development department of NomadPower, dealing with telemarketing, translation of materials and cold calling to East European and Central European countries. We help sell and manage the business development of the NomadPower app.

UTB Lifting

UTB Lifting is the Polish branch and market expansion of TCA lifting - a British company specialising in specialist lifting and crane equipment.

We helped TCA with website and brochure translation, as well as helped lead them on to take the first step in market expansion to Poland.




Freightsafe is a British company specialising in secure, HGV and truck parking spots which are enclosed - providing a smart solution to improve driver comfort and freight safety - as well as helping create a safer environment for commercial transport.

We helped Freightsafe with translation, marketing and cold calling - as well as expanding Freightsafe to foreign markets all over Europe.


Appwash by Miele

Appwash is a multi-national company owned by Miele specialising in production of specialist washing machines which can be installed in student dorm houses - allowing students to quickly and effectively operate washing machines through the Appwash app.

We are helping Miele in their expansion to the Polish market - and are a significant part of their marketing and business development team.

Customer Reviews

"I would like to recommend them as the partners to work with on the foreign markets. They carried out two campaigns for me and provided valuable leads to the automotive and manufacturing industry companies in the United Kingdom. The cooperation went smoothly and communication was great".

Charanjit Singh- CEO of Globe Tech Exports, India

"The company have contacted me with meat processing industry distributors in the USA. They provided their services with accuracy and according to my detailed requirements. I would like to recommend Polish British Business Partners to whoever considering to export their products to Europe or the USA".

Marcin Hartman - Independent Sales Agent, Poland

"Dagmara and Joanna provided for us lead generation services in Poland. The project was carried out according to our arrangements, generated leads have been delivered on time and our company has been promoted in a professional manner. We highly recommend cooperation with the PBBPartners".

Jarosław Kuś - CEO of Mapi Media, Poland

"Recently I had the pleasure to cooperate with the team – I have not met with such a great involvement in conducting promotional activities for a long time. I heartily recommend!".

Natalia Wróbel - Marketing Manager of Polonijka, Poland

"It was great to work with Dagmara, very attentive and helpful. The quality of the work provided had high standards. "

José Ponce - LMC Foods Europe.

"For companies looking to grow their freight business in Poland, the UK or Italy, I highly recommend reaching out to XPol [Rxsell] - they’ve transformed our lead generation program. Great work! "
Charlie Anderson - CEO, Freightsafe, UK

Meet the Team

We offer a mix of authentic and modern marketing, tailoring to the needs of your business requirements to optimize results.

Dagmara Kanoniak

Founder & CEO

20 years of experience in Sales and Marketing. Worked for top brands within the Polish market. Fluent speaker in English, Polish, Italian and Russian


"Delivering the very best services to my clients using my experience and passion for business".

Marketing Team

Our team comprises professionals in the marketing and sales business market. We ensure that our highly-trained team provides you with the tailored and excellent service expected of our company.  Through our multilingual team, modern marketing and cold calling methods, sales training and sales department management - as well as translation and outreach services - we will help sell your product and expand your horizon and market - all for you.

Where do I contact you?

We look forward to hearing from you. We can be reached via telephone or email.

Business Hours:
8:00-16:00 - Monday-Saturday CEST