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We work for you

We work for start-ups and mid-sized companies whose work is business-to-business (B2B). Working chiefly within outsourcing, our developers of software, applications, product producers not to mention services we excel in what we do. However, even the best product will simply go unnoticed if the target audience is not informed of what you do and why they should choose you. Having spent over twenty years in sales and marketing experience I can attest to the fact that the only way your product can make its route to market is through good marketing and sales tactics. The success of other companies is my motivation, passion and ultimately what I live for. We will be your outsourcing and sales mentor. I am convinced that we can help you very quickly, don’t let your idea, product or service die only because you weren’t able to support it by a good sales department.

You only need –

  1. Good target/database
  2. Good strategy
  3. Proper salespeople
  4. Sales Knowledge/training

And I guarantee you will find success. Just contact us. +447525116204 office@leadgenerationforyou.co.uk

Lead Generation/TelemarketingB2B

Lead Generation/ Business Development

  • HIT! Our intelligent bot will find contact lists for you – our bot will bring you a customized database in just one day. Save your time – click here
  • Multilingual speaking team of Business Development ( English, German, Polish, Czech, Italian, Spanish, Dutch)
  • B2B Team – Business Calls – a team of experienced telemarketers and salespeople
  • Appointments Setting
  • Database Cleaning – checking your databases for inactive clients.
  • Business Development Department for you – we acquire new clients for you.
  • Translation services – we translate your marketing materials.
  • International Team – we call Europe and America
  • Contract Extensions – we extend your client’s contracts with you via telephone.
  • Marketing Permissions – we ask your future clients if they want to receive marketing materials via email.

If you are interested please click here or call me +447525116204

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Sales Agent Recruitment

Translate your e-commerce, website, app.

  • Our native interpreters translate your website from/into English, German, Dutch, Russian, Czech, Italian, Spanish or Polish. All our interpreters have got marketing/sales skills and background. For more information please call me : +447525116204

Sales Agent Recruitment

  • We recruit the right sales agent for you, skilled in the correct country and industry, speaking the correct language
  • We follow your guidelines and conditions to find you the right agent
  • We have a lot of experience, so we know what agents are right for your company

If you are interested please click here or call me now +447525116204

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Online Training
Sales Agent Training

Sales Agent Training

  • Online training in efficiency for Sales Agents
  • Business phone call training
  • Lead generation training
  • Digital lead generation training
  • Sales efficiency digital course